Smart living. 

Smart living is our concept of using space wisely.  Our concept is not standard. The material can be selected according to your requirements. Light elements and mirrors can be installed into the storage space. The possibilities and materials are unlimited.

Wide range of use

There is a wide range of use. We can install smart living not only in dressing rooms, but create smart ways of storage and structure in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens. 

This is also a great way to hide uneven or dry walls. Or hide incorrectly placed sanitary connections which we can of course relocate for you if necessary. 


Some materials we use and our solutions:

We can customize "Smart Living" in any wood you would like. Here are some examples of woods that we use. Here you can see high quality nut wood, Mahogany, oak, Santos Rosewood, Makasar. The types of wood can be processed according to your wishes. For example, painted or matted.

Walls made of MDF are covered with wood veneer with a layer thickness of 0.5 mm, made of different types of wood (walnut, ash, oak, larch, birch, Polisander-Santos rosewood, Makassar-Makassar ebony) The distance between the wall and the module is from 80-100 cm.The layer serves as soundproofing or insulation, or is insulated with a special material.

There is enough space for electrical and sanitary communication. All communication is mounted on modules and not inside the wall or along the wall.

In emergency situations, part of the module is removed from the rivets, part of the emergency communication is replaced with a new one, and the modular part is immediately reattached with locks developed by us. (Patented)

We have developed special docking units that allow you to dock the left side of the channel drain in the wall with the right side of the module block where the desired location of the sink or toilet was, as all communication is already routed in the module itself.

Couplings are our exclusive development. (Patented)