Armored glass

A wall made of glass.

The armored glass from Silatec is tested over and over every day. From burglars all over the world. Our armored glass has already prevented thousands of break-ins. The safety glazing has been tested and certified. Our glass is tested under the most brutal conditions with members of task forces such as the military. Attacks with submachine guns, ax, or vehicle crashes are part of the test standard.

The difference between bulletproof glass and Silatec.

Conventional armored glass consists of several panes of glass placed one on top of the other. The more panes of glass, the thicker and heavier the panes are.

The glass panes from Silatec have glass on the outside, but on the inside, the intelligent combination of extremely resistant, highly transparent high-tech plastics. These plastics are coordinated in such a way that their security features complement and reinforce each other. The result is armored glass of protection class P6B, P7B, P8B. Our glass is also absolutely color-neutral, so that you cannot see which high level of protection is installed.

The armored glass can be installed in new buildings or existing properties. The glass can even be used in shop windows, museums or jewelers, where valuable objects need burglary protection. Absolutely transparent. Significantly thinner and lighter than bulletproof glass. Absolutely burglar-proof.

The Silatec armored glass can do even more.

The armored glas has other convenience functions. For example, effective sun protection. Or a blackout switch at the push of a button. This allows you to darken selected areas so that other people can no longer see through your windows. In addition, the Silatec glass can be equipped with an integrated signal sensor. This signal goes directly to the police and triggers an alarm.

Here you can see a video of what the Silatec armored glas can do: