Our Waterproofing systems

Get rid of the moist in your house! 

  • Damp walls
  • Mold caused by moisture
  • unstable walls
  • flaking plaster
  • reduced heat insulation
  • damage to building plaster 

1. Why does moisture rise in masonry?

The most common cause of damage to masonry walls are small pores (capillaries) that hold moisture. Bricks and concrete absorb water like a sponge and the capillaries cause the water to move upwards against gravity.

A capillary with a diameter of 1 µm (10 -6 m) can generate a suction pressure of up to 1.5 bar, which corresponds to an increase in humidity of approx. 15 meters.

2. The relationship between capillary moisture uptake and salt concentration.

The water that moves inside and on the surface of the wall contains salt.

• Salts are present in the soil

• Salts are found in bricks or concrete due to the movement of moisture in their structures.

3. The consequences

-Water evaporates.

-The salt it contains remains.

-The salt concentration on the surface increases.

-The process of salt crystallization starts in the pores of the wall.

- A sharp increase in the volume of salt neoplasms.

- Increased crystallization pressure in the pores.

-Start the process of structural destruction of the pores.

-The collapse of the top layers of the wall.

4. The result:

• Collapse of the face layers of the wall.

• Cracks in the plaster.

• Damage to the seams.

• Saline neoplasms.

• Algae on the surface.


5. Advantages of the system.

• Use at high humidity 80%

• high salinity

• suitable for all basic types of salt (sulfates, nitrates, chlorides)

• Does not require wall drying, even with high moisture content

• Can be used at temperatures below + 5C

• Not soluble in water

• Resistant to most of the aggressive substances that masonry may contain (acids, alkalis, salts)

• Fast response speed, starts working immediately after installation

• long durability

• frost-resistant

• does not cause or promote corrosion of the steel reinforcement

• Low density (0.76 g / cm3) penetrates even the smallest capillaries

• after hardening, the system remains elastic

• Can be used in clay blocks, in masonry with cracks and cavities

• Instant installation and no need for post injections

• patented system

• Ease of installation and horizontal installation methods have been proven for over 25 years

• 5 year guarantee

Our System by the brand Köster 

soaks up the moisture in the walls 

just like a sponge to provide 

long term dry walls.

Capillary roots are being placed inside the wall

and filled with a special liquid which 

soaks up the humidity. Those sticks

filled with the liquid will be 

left in the walls.

Filling the wholes with waterproof mixture.

For the last step the wholes will be filled

 with a waterproof mixture.The wall 

will never be moist again.

The Before and After